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Slab Foundations Warranty Information

Things that will disqualify Lifetime warranty on Slab Foundations

1] Plumbing leaks
All Texan Recommends a Hydrostatic Test on both sewer and supply lines every eighteen months.

2] Poor site Drainage

This is the number one cause of foundation damage. Our Technicians are trained to identify drainage issues. It is standard protocol to fix the problem that created the problem at the time of repair. In most cases we are able to fix the problem when we do the work. The inspecting engineer will put in writing recommendations. Some of these recommendations All Texan is equipped to execute most drainage corrections and some require the services of a professional Landscaper. In most cases the original estimate will include corrections.

3] Structure Fire

4] A warranty that is not transferred within 90 days of sale.


5] Any modifications made to structure with or without engineering must be approved by All Texan Foundation Repair sytems.


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