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Our company understands, that not all soils are the same in the areas we work in. This is why we are not committed only to one or two pier systems. Our technician's are Trained to bring only the best engineering practices to every project. Our experienced technician's will evaluate your home with the same techniques used by a structural engineer. Technician's also have full access to a licensed engineer at all times to consult on your project, if needed. All of our jobs have a third party consulting engineer that signs off on the job. We are committed to employing the best system for soil conditions and budget. All Texan abides by the bi laws of the National Foundation Repair Association And requires employees to attend yearly continued education. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve your family.


Gregory W Bauman
All Texan Foundation Repair systems



1] Slab foundation Repair and leveling

2] Pier and beam Foundation Repair and leveling
Some pier and beam May not apply for free estimate. Some locations not available

3] Independent Engineering services

4] Drainage Corrections and water management Plans. May require Engineering fees

5] Under Slab Tunneling

6] Plumbing Services

7] Home Builder Services Please call For information



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What's the Difference Between Steel and Concrete Piers?

Steel piers are three inches in diameter opposed to six inches pre cast concrete piers. Pre cast concrete piers rely on skin friction to accomplish refusal. Where as steel piers along with a friction collar on the lead pipe relies on strata also known as bed rock to accomplish refusal. A steel pier will often reach 15 to 30 feet before hitting strata where a concrete pier will go from 10 to 13 foot on average. There are many factors to determine what is right for your home. Your technician will explain in more detail after your evaluation.

Steel Pier System

Concrete Pressed Pile

Pier And Beam System

All Texan Foundation Repair Systems

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